Exit Foundation

Exit Foundation is an organisation dedicated to providing support to those ready to exit a life of crime, gang-related activity and those struggling with mental wellbeing, trauma and abuse. Through our tailored mentoring programme and gang awareness training, we help young people develop the tools they need to progress into employment, training and education.

A recent trend in gangs is called ‘County Lines’ and this is where illegal drugs are transported from one area to another, often across police and local authority boundaries, usually by children or vulnerable people who are coerced into it by gangs. The ‘County Line’ is the mobile phone line used to take the orders of drugs. Importing areas are reporting increased levels of violence and weapons-related crimes as a result of this trend. The dealers will frequently target children and adults, often with mental health or addiction problems, to act as drug runners or move cash so they can stay under the radar of law enforcement.

Exit Foundations was established to provide support and mentoring to those who want to exit a criminal and gang-related lifestyle. We major on building relationships first and foremost by establishing the trust required to mentor individuals into employment, training, and education. We work with offending behaviour including, but not limited to, gang affiliation, knife crime, violent behaviour, drugs, and county lines.