About Us

Teen Challenge is one of the world’s leading drug rehab centres with a very high success rate for helping people become free from drugs and alcohol. Teen Challenge London is a 18-month, faith-based, residential drug rehabilitation programme located in East London which offers men aged 18+ freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. Based on Christian principles the programme offers spiritual and academic training, equipping individuals to return to society as responsible adults. Centres for women are available in Scotland & Wales. See our directory of UK rehab centres.
Teen Challenge holds a remarkable high documented cure rate. Statistics show that many secular government-funded drug rehabilitation programmes have less than a 10% success rate after treatment. Independent research in the United States has consistently shown that over 70% of Teen Challenge graduates have remained drug-free – when surveyed five years after graduation!

What We Do

  • We aim primarily to help men with drug and alcohol problems, who abuse substances on a daily or several times weekly basis. Our ladies centre is based in Wales.
  • Our age group is 18+ years of age.
  • We are an inclusive organisation, admitting men from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and men who have a faith or no faith.
  • We teach basic life skills, such as responsibility, good work habits, integrity, self-discipline and ethical morality.
  • We prepare our students to re-enter society as good employees, husbands & fathers, functioning as ‘substance-free’ individuals.
  • We believe strongly that as a man yields himself to God, he will change. We teach and counsel that God can change any life with an emphasis on daily practical application.
  • Our counselling is Biblical in perspective which encourages men to function as caring and responsible adults.
  • Our ministry is based upon a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
  • Our programme is based on inter-denominational Christian teaching.

We Are Not

  • We are neither a psychiatric facility nor a medical facility. We do not admit persons who have existing mental problems that would prohibit the individual from cooperating with the programme schedule and overall agenda of activities.
  • We are not qualified to dispense anti-psychotic medicines and thus we do not accept applicants requiring these medications.
  • We currently do not make referrals on mental health conditions as we are not a mental health facility and feel it should be the responsibility of the family and a qualified professional.
  • We are not a government agency. We do not accept government funding but are privately funded.
  • We are not an alternative to prison. All applicants (where possible) must resolve legal issues before entering Teen Challenge.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to applicants at our discretion and to dismiss students who disrupt the programme.
  • We do not exclude people who are:
    • HIV positive
    • Hep. A, B or C positive
    • Ex-convicts
    • Those with multiple addictions
  • We do not give long-term care to the consistently violent, unteachable, or game-players. These are character traits that warrant dismissal from the program.