The E-gangs project was developed in 2012 as a branch of Teen Challenge London.

E-gangs project is an organisation that deals exclusively with young people caught up in street life, gang life or young people possibly heading in that direction. Working with these young people is a passion for all our workers especially as we all have personal experience in this area of life.

We offer help in every area required to exit a life of thinking that there is no future except on the streets. We expose the lie that once you have a criminal record there is no hope. There is hope and we provide proof in showing positive role models to that effect.

E-gangs project are available for presentations and/or workshops at churches, schools, colleges, youth clubs, probation and YOT services. Parent workshops are also available to aid parents in identifying the signs of gang affiliation.

Amongst our workers are: former gang leaders, drug dealers, armed robbers, doormen as well as a retired New York policeman with over 26 years of service. All our team work together for the same aim and purpose: to help young people achieve their goals and ambition in life no matter what they may be.