Rehabilitation Programme

Welcome to the Teen Challenge rehab programme, one of the leading Christian drug rehabilitation programmes in the world. You don’t have to be a Christian to enter our Christian drug rehabilitation programme but just have a desire to find freedom from life-controlling addictions such as drugs and alcohol.
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We offer an eleven month residential rehab programme with a further six month re-entry phase. The programme is divided up into four phases which are integral into each step of a person’s recovery. We believe in the rehabilitation of every aspect of an individual spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. As well as our structured programme and well maintained routine; each student is offered counselling at least once a week.

The students that join our Christian drug rehabilitation programme will embark on 14 practical Biblically based teaching lessons to help explain why addicts have found themselves in need of help and what the Bible says on how to find true freedom. At the core of our rehabilitation programme are the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Gospel message that says that all men and women can experience a new life with God and find forgiveness and hope.

If you know of anyone seeking help for problems with drink or drugs please do not hesitate to contact our centre where we can offer residential help and support.

Teen Challenge has been set up as a rescue mission for those caught in addictions and are committed to see individuals find freedom through Christ. Although circumstances may change we believe God’s word, the Bible does not change and therefore is a firm and stable foundation to base our lives on. We believe that it is God who helps us when the going gets tough because of his unconditional love for everyone in this world.

‘We exist to bring freedom to anyone battling life-controlling issues through the power of Christ.