Any addictions are usually a way of coping with other problems to free ones self from their problems.
Teen Challenge London drug rehab enables you to find freedom from addiction. Fill out our free application form for help or contact us for more information.

When habits or behaviours such as alcohol addiction, drug taking or gambling come to dominate daily life and people find themselves powerless to stop the chaos despite many promises to do so, then it is very likely that an addiction is active. Other addictions include shopping or spending, sexual activities, gambling, food, prescribed and illegal drugs, and even other people. There is a growing problem in drug addiction and alcohol addiction amongst young people.

Nearly all addicted individuals believe in the beginning that they can stop using drugs on their own, and most try to stop without help. However, most of these attempts result in failure to achieve long-term abstinence. Research has shown that long-term drug use results in significant changes in brain function that persist long after the individual stops using drugs. These drug-induced changes in brain function may have many behavioural consequences, including the compulsion to use drugs despite adverse consequences the defining characteristic of addiction.


Different types of drug rehab
Different types of alcohol rehab

Addiction Process

Firstly, the man takes the drug.
Secondly, the drug takes the drug (it will feed itself).
Finally, the drug takes the man.

Long-term drug use results in significant changes in brain function that persist long after the individual stops using drugs. Understanding that addictions have such an important biological component may help explain an individual’s difficulty in achieving and maintaining abstinence without Help. Psychological stress from work or family problems, social cues (such as meeting individuals from one’s drug-using past), or the environment (such as encountering streets, objects, or even smells associated with drug use) can interact with biological factors to hinder attainment of sustained abstinence and make relapse more likely. Research studies indicate that even the most severely addicted individuals can participate actively in help and that active participation is essential to good outcomes.

Selecting a drug rehab center is one of the most important difficult decisions you will make in your lifetime. Few of us know what to look for in a quality rehab program and not all drug rehabilitation centers are alike. Each drug rehab has its own program options, staff qualifications, credentials, cost, and effectiveness. There are no quick fixes for drug abuse or even alcoholism. Recovery is an ongoing process. The skills one learns during intensive rehabilitation help must be integrated into everyday life and this takes time.

Teen Challenge’s addictions programmes for substance abuse or alcohol is open to everyone both men and women who need addictions help. Wilkerson House Center in London is open to men only and Hope House Center in Wales is for women. Both are residential and the programme term is 12 months. The programme is FREE to enter.

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