Rhonda’s Story

My name is Rhonda and I come from Cumbernauld. I had quite a happy family upbringing and being the only girl from a long line of boys I did not want for much, although there was always a need to be accepted in my life and this was through me being treated as a person that I never wanted to be. I felt rejected, frightened and unloved so through this emptiness in my life I turned to drugs to try and fill this.

At the age of 15 I experienced my first attempt at drugs which led to a heroin and crack cocaine addition for over 14 years, my life became worthless and I wanted to die and could never see a way out, in my despair I cried out to God and I now know that he heard me, I did not find Jesus but he found me and through the ministry of Teen Challenge I have found I have found everything that I have been searching for all my life, and it is God who has given me back my life in all its fullness and a joy that no words can describe, and I thank God for this and pray that he will use me every day to bring Glory to His Kingdom as that is what he deserves. Hallelujah!