Youngsters going down a healthy path

IT MIGHT be hard to believe for many of us, but the youth of Scotland appear to be growing healthier, according to a mass screening of the habits of 11-15-year-olds by medical researchers,
They drink less alcohol and smoke fewer cigarettes or cannabis than they did a few years ago. They are also eating healthier, with fewer crisps, sweets and chips being consumed.
Lack of regular exercise, however, is still a cause for concern. We suspect that exercise for many youngsters these days might amount to no more than moving a mouse around a social networking site or texting and tweeting.
For those medical professionals trying to forecast the future health provision required for Scotland, this might indicate that a corner has been turned in terms of health education.
Let us hope it is not a temporary phase, but a sign that health warnings about smoking, drinking and over-eating are working. Many young people are exposed to influences from different directions, which can impact negatively on their lifestyle habits. This can come from peer pressure, family, or films and television.
Considering Scotland’s “sick man of Europe” image, this research gives cause for optimism.