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Waterford Drug Rehab Facility To Build Fence

A fence will go up soon between a substance-abuse rehabilitation facility in Waterford and homes of nearby residents concerned about having a buffer and alleviating noise from the facility's clients when they're outside. Community Programs Inc. wants to address the concerns, Executive Director William Epling said Friday, noting that construction of a fence will start within the next month. "We are moving with all possible haste to continue our practice of trying to be good, quiet neighbors," Epling said.
Some residents recently wrote a letter to Epling, complaining that some people being treated at the facility loudly use profane language, show little regard for their privacy and stand near the property line, which is shielded by a wooded area.
But even a fence may not satisfy all residents, with some also concerned about who is housed in the buildings along North Oakland behind their properties. In addition to the substance abuse facility at 1255 N. Oakland, CPI runs another a short distance away at 1435 N. Oakland, where more than 150 paroled offenders are housed, according to the state offender registry.
Janet Hart, 52, who has lived in her home on Pontiac Lake Road for 15 years, said she is concerned that offenders are being treated at the 1255 N. Oakland building, as well. The state registry shows only two offenders at that location.
Offenders who are treated by CPI must wear electronic tethers, Epling said. He added that there are rules of conduct for clients, including no cursing, no violence, no physical touching, and being good citizens. During their time outside, Epling said, CPI residents are monitored by staff. Despite the trees serving as a buffer between her home and the facility, Hart said she still often hears voices of CPI residents, sometimes cussing and taunting neighbors. "Come fall, when everything drops ... hopefully the fence will be up," she said.