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The Stars Who’ve Spent The Most Time In Rehab

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is on his way to rehab—again!—after getting kicked off a flight for getting wasted and picking a fight with crew members. There are just certain celebs who've ended up spending an impressive amount of time in rehab. Check out our list of some of the worst-behaved stars to see how Jonathan stacks up in terms of stints in treatment centers.
Jonathan checked into rehab for the first time in 2005. He went back in April 2007 but was arrested in November for drunken charades. He went for a month in February 2009 but was arrested in June of that same year for attacking some bartenders at an airport in Paris. So this will be his third embarrassing drunken airport encounter and his fourth time in rehab. Way to go, dude.
In August 2007, Amy Winehouse was hospitalized for allegedly overdosing on drugs and alcohol. Just four months later, after the singer was caught by paparazzi standing outside her house half-naked, her publicist confirmed that she was in treatment again. After still more drug scandals, Amy did at least two stints at treatment centers in 2008 and went back again in 2009. Some think she's currently on the mend, but that remains to be seen.
Lindsay Lohan's wild ways have made her pretty popular with gossip columnists but, in a recent interview, she alleged that she's only been to rehab three times. She also claimed she's clean and criticized her old ways. We'll see, Lilo.In 2004, Kelly Osbourne, then 19, checked into drug rehab after she admitted to abusing pain pills. A year later, she was back and in January 2009 she checked in again.