Sutton men fined £250 for supplying deadly drug

Two men have been fined just £250 despite confessing to supplying three different kinds of drugs.
William Hammond, 54, and Danny Panice, 23, both of Hazelwood House, Brunswick Road, Sutton, were arrested on February 17 last year following a police raid at the Red Lion pub and their home address.
At Croydon Crown Court on Friday (March 4), Hammond admitted supplying two Class A drugs, cocaine and a new drug called fluro-amphetamine, and one Class B drug, speed.
Panice pleaded guilty to two charges of possesion with intent to supply fluro-amphetamine and speed.
But the court decided that a fine of £150 would suffice for Hammond and an even smaller fine of £100 would act as a deterrent for Panice.
Two other people, Sally Frossard-Hammond, 45, and Sonny Panice, 20, were also arrested following last year’s raids.
Mrs Frossard-Hammond and Mr Panice were originally charged with possession with intent to supply cocaine, speed and fluro-amphetamine.
A 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was also charged with supplying the three drugs at the time of the arrest.
But a spokesman for Croydon Crown Court said the charges brought against these three defendants’ were dropped because of a “lack of evidence”.
Little is known about deadly fluro-amphetamine but its effects have been described as somewhere between crystal meth and ecstasy.