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Suicide After Drug Rehab Session

A homeless man who jumped from a building in Croydon town centre attended a drug rehabilitation session there earlier in the day. Shocked onlookers saw the man plunge from the third storey of the American Express building in Crown Hill at about 1.10pm.
The Croydon Guardian understands the man had attended a drug rehabilitation session at the Westminster Drug Project in the same building, and was well known to neighbourhood police.
Shopper Lyn Weston, 65, was on her way to Surrey Street market when she noticed people looking upwards in the street. She said: "I saw people looking up so I did too, I said to my daughter 'look at that man'. "He had his back to the building and was hanging by his arms - how he got into that position I don't know. "He was hanging off of the window frame and he sort of moved his position and tried to get his foot out to a ledge to save himself.
"I guess he was hanging for about one or two minutes, and when he fell there was a great gasp.” The thud was horrible as he hit the floor. Then some children started laughing, from hysteria I expect. "The police were there, they had just started pushing people back and cordoning the area off when he fell."
Mrs. Weston said the man had no shoes or socks on, and was wearing just a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. She said: "We were stupid really, there were lots of people there and just a couple of doors away there is a bedding shop.
"If we had run and grabbed the bedding and put it under him it could have helped, but you don't think at the time do you?"
The air ambulance landed on College Green at 1.45pm to help treat the man, who is thought to have suffered head injuries. He was taken by road ambulance to St George's Hospital, Tooting. A police spokesman said the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards, which investigates complaints against officers, had been informed.