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Stats For Vehicular Deaths Due To Alcohol Go Sky High

It is not a secret that one of the major causes of vehicle related deaths is drunk driving. However, what is alarming is the fact that statistics show that since the year 1992, this year marks the highest number of traffic deaths that are related to the use and abuse of alcohol.  
As part of this, Glynn R. Birch, the national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), has sent out a statement for every motorist and every driver to read and understand. On behalf of the organization, Birch did say that they are totally saddened by the mentioned fact. They are also in the process of asking for support of the whole nation in helping out decrease the number of drunk driving incidents and alcohol related mishaps on our roads.  
She even states this fact: “According to NHTSA's preliminary Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data, alcohol-related traffic fatalities are up to 17,941 for 2006 versus 17,525 for 2005, representing a 2.4 percent increase. Fatalities involving a driver with a .08 BAC or higher rose from 13,613 in 2005 to 13,990 in 2006, representing a 2.8 percent increase. At the same time, overall traffic fatalities are down slightly by 0.3 percent.”  
Birch also did disclose that the organization is asking for help from the lawmakers and those who are in Congress. They believe that any campaigns that these officials are going to do would be able to greatly relieve the high numbers of alcohol related deaths. She also did declare, “MADD's National Board of Directors will meet with congressional safety leaders on June 7 to discuss its Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving and to lobby for an increased focus on drunk driving. As U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters stated in a press conference this afternoon, MADD will work closely with the Department of Transportation and Governors across the country to reverse these numbers.” Indeed, the more people working together to solve such a problem would mean a faster pace through which the numbers would go down.  
MADD also did share that their Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving is one project that needs the help and manpower of every citizen. They are calling this campaign of theirs the “road map for a nation without drunk driving”. MADD is asking people, through this campaign, to help out by supporting the campaign. The organization is also asking officers to properly enforce laws.