Stars who give up drink to avoid rehab

Many stars are blazing a trail in the teetotal generation.

Kelly Osbourne is one.  She gave up drinking completely after three stays in rehabilitation centres.  

Another is the Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.  He stopped drinking after he found he could only go out and enjoy himself when he drank to excess.  

New data shows that the number of youngsters binge drinking may have peaked.  This is good news as the amount of young people who need psychological help or the services of a rehabilitation centre remains high. 

The teetotal generation is not just a UK or USA phenomenon.  A new movement in Australia call “HelloSundayMorning” has attracted hundreds of young people who are willing to spend three months without drinking.  

It is hoped that the trend amongst celebrities will filter down to young people and cause a turn around in youngsters binge drinking.