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Recent Study Shows Drug Addiction A Hidden Burden for UK Families

Too many UK families are pulled apart by the drug addiction problems of one family member. Michelle used to feed a crack and heroin addiction that would eventually destroy the original ties she had with her family. Today she celebrates a happy, drug-free life again.
According to a recent study published by the UK Drug Policy Commission, at least 1.5 million UK adults caring for relatives with drug problems, bear a huge hidden burden estimated at a cost of at least £1.8 Billion.
“We consistently have families calling us asking for help with the drug addiction problems of a family member,” says Alison Withey; Senior Intake Counsellor at Narconon London drug rehab based in Hastings. “And despite the false idea that addiction may be incurable, we daily see results at our drug addiction recovery training centre which deny such beliefs.”
At various times different drugs have been prescribed to “treat”, “manage” or cure different types of addiction. Unfortunately, a great number of reports and surveys show that many addicts undergoing such “treatments” develop a new addiction to the drug being administered for the stated purpose of handling the original drug problem.
Michelle’s new state of health was achieved whilst doing an addiction recovery programme, which is based on the discoveries of the real causes of drug addiction and recovery researched by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. The programme was originally self-taught and administered in the Arizona State Prison System by William Benitez and other addicted prisoners after they read and applied what they learned from a book and correspondence course written by Mr. Hubbard.