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Poly-Drug Use Creates Treatment Difficulties

A new pattern of drug use could result in the need for a different kind of rehabilitation and treatment.
According to the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, people in the UK are increasingly using more than one drug, thus complicating treatment methods. Alison Withey, senior intake counsellor at the Hastings branch of Narconon, commented: "This new pattern presents problems that are not addressed by earlier methods of fighting drug abuse."
Substitution therapy fails to address the problem, she explained, noting that 69 per cent of people seeking drug treatment in England and Wales in 2007 were addicted to opiates, the common treatment of which involves substitute opioids such as methadone.
"But this one avenue of treatment completely misses the fact that they also chronically abuse alcohol and may use other drugs such as cocaine or amphetamines.
"One of the most significant problems with substitute therapy is that it misses the point of ideal drug addiction recovery - achieving a fully drug-free life."