Placement of alcohol in stores criticised

Supermarkets should stop displaying alcohol next to everyday items such as bread and milk, health campaigners have said.
Stores are “overflowing” with discounted alcohol, according to Alcohol Concern, which is urging supermarkets and off-licences to display drink in only one part of their shops.
Research for the charity in December found supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda placing alcohol displays throughout their stores.
Sainsbury’s had discounted alcohol at the entrance to its stores, on main food aisles and on display ends.
Examples included bottles of wine located next to soft drinks, bottles of spirits next to fruit and boxes of beer next to cheese.
Asda had discounted cider at the entrance to its stores and free-standing displays of drink and alcohol at the end of food aisles.
Examples included bottles of wine at the fish, meat and deli counters and cans of cider next to the hot chicken counter.
Tesco had alcohol on its main food aisles, in free-standing displays and placed bottles of wine near the tills and dairy counter. Bottles of spirits were next to bread and tea, and cans of cider were found next to crisps.
Morrisons had alcohol on main food aisles and in free-standing units. Bottles of wine were found next to cakes, beer next to fruit and vegetables, wine next to cola and champagne next to the milk.
Alcohol Concern said England should follow examples set in Scotland and supported by the Welsh Assembly Government to limit the places where alcohol can be seen.
A survey of 1,000 shoppers found that 70 per cent backed the idea of alcohol being confined to single areas within stores.
Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker said: “Alcohol can be a pleasant part of a healthy lifestyle but it’s also a potentially dangerous and harmful drug.”
The organisation also wants supermarkets and off-licences to “make greater efforts” to warn people about the risks of drinking too much.