Mexico's drug war has claimed more than 40,000 lives

Protests across Mexico has seen people march on Mexico City calling for an end to the war on drug trafficking.  

The country has seen tens of thousands of innocent people killed as the military patrols areas day and night.  Human rights are low on the agenda and some locals have even been shot in their cars at checkpoints.  

Protesters believe that organized crime has encroached into the government and they want to see an end to the violence between the state and the drug lords.

The main churches in the country supported the march and are calling for “We Mexicans to shout a categorical 'stop!'

Protesters were silent throughout the march as Ivan Illich said, "He who keeps silent is ungovernable."  

The government’s comment after the marches was that the fight against the cartels could not be wrong and that they had the law, reason and force on its side.