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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Cut Loose

Even when Lindsay Lohan's in rehab, she still manages to make headlines! This time the star reportedly wants to cut loose. Don't worry, the star isn't planning to escape...again, the star wants to cut loose from her SCRAM bracelet that is currently in place around her ankle.
According to RadarOnline, Linds belives that she doesn't need to wear the alcohol monitoring device because she's sober and clean at the rehab clinic. A source said: "Lindsay wants her alcohol monitoring device off now. "Lindsay is pleading with her lawyer, counselors and anyone who will listen to try and find a way ro get the SCRAM device taken off.
"Lindsay complains because it is supposedly very uncomfortable. The source continued: "Lindsay doesn't understand why she has to wear the SCRAM because she voluntarily checked into rehab and she is tested for drugs while being at Betty Ford."
However, if Lindsay wants to have the tag taken off, she'll have to get through the judge first. "Judge Schnegg is the one that ordered Lindsay to wear the bracelet after allowing her to post bail, and go against what Judge Fox has ordered. "Lindsay will have to wear the bracelet until her next hearing on October 22nd and could be forced to wear it as long as Judge Fox makes her."