'Irresponsible' Yves St Laurent perfume advert banned

Watchdogs have banned a perfume advert in which a woman appears to simulate injecting drugs.
More than a dozen viewers complained about the promotion for Yves St Laurent’s Belle D’Opium perfume. 
In the ad, the woman pointed to her inner elbow and ran her finger along the inside of her forearm. 
A voice-over began: ‘I am your addiction, I am Belle D’Opium.’ 
An Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) spokesman said: ‘While we recognised the name Opium was a well-known designer perfume brand and did not consider it irresponsible or offensive to advertise Opium branded products, and while we noted the consumer research found that most viewers did not consider the ad to be offensive, we nevertheless considered the woman's actions simulated drug use, and therefore concluded it was irresponsible and unacceptable for broadcast.’
Yves St Laurent has defended the advert by claiming it didn't intend to use drug imagery, and research showed that consumers weren't interpreting it in that way.
The ASA ruled that the advert cannot be broadcast again unless changes to the content are made.