Four underage girls caught with alcohol enough for seven women

The girls aged 16 had on them five bottles of vodka, three of cider and four alcopops making their total intake 97 units of alcohol – the recommended weekly intake being 14 units.

Gloucester Police found the girls in a targeted patrol in a residential area where anti-social behaviour is on the increase.

Another group of 13 year old girls were found carrying three bottles of lager and a bottle of vodka.  One girl was taken home and the Police spoke to her parents about the dangers of underage drinking.

Police are trying to track down and arrest the man who is accused of buying the girls the haul of alcohol bought in a local supermarket.

Gloucester City Council leader Paul James said: ‘It is quite shocking to hear that these young people had that much alcohol and clearly it does raise concerns about the effect that would have on their health. However, I am pleased the police have been pro-active about policing that Paygrove Lane area.’

Alice Walsh, deputy director of public health for NHS Gloucestershire, said: ‘Young people aren’t always aware how dangerous drinking can be.’ 

She said, ‘Young people are particularly vulnerable to alcohol-related harm. Their bodies are still developing and their tolerance levels tend to be lower meaning they get drunk quickly. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions, meaning young people who drink are more likely to get involved in fights or engage in unprotected sex.’