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Emmerdale Stars Want To Be Responsible With Drugs Storyline

Emmerdale actor James Thornton has revealed that all the stars who play the Barton family visited a drug rehab centre to research their current storyline. James, who plays John Barton in the Dales soap, claimed that it was important to show his on-screen daughter Holly's (Sophie Powles) drug addiction responsibly. He told the Sunday Mail: "When the storyline came up, we knew it was going to be a subject we had to treat seriously and one we had to get right.
"All the members of the cast who play the family travelled to a drugs clinic. "We talked to a recovering addict who was on heroin for 13 years about how it happened, how it progresses and how it affects your family. We also met this girl's mother and heard how she dealt with it."
He added: "She actually had three kids on heroin at the same time. She said she literally went through every emotion you could think of, every experience, even to the point where she was trying to get her daughter to go cold turkey.
"She even considered going to score drugs for her herself. It gets so difficult to see your kids going through that, even if you know it's for the best. That's the major part of the storyline, how the family deal with the addiction." Thornton continued: "We had a great chat with all the workers there about how it affects their lives.
"In the show, they all deal with it in different ways. Moira thinks she needs support and understanding. John thinks she needs a hard line. "Personally, I think you just have to try and support them and be there as a family.
"That's the message which has come through from all the people we have spoken to. "Ultimately, you have to take the decision yourself if you want to stop but it is crucial the family are around to help and be there and offer support."