Denbighshire church pays for drug rehabilitation

A Rhyl church is raising £240 a month to get one of their members into a rehabilitation centre to help her get off drugs.

The woman started to visit the church for community events and later became a member. 

The Pastor of the church, Mike Bettaney was overwhelmed by the response from his parishioners’.

Mr Bettaney asked his congregation during a Sunday service if they would help the woman and they started to offer cash and monthly pledges between £1 and £25.  

He said that they have taken this woman to heart and the woman has determined to make the rehabilitation work for her.  She has started a 12 month programme at Teen Challenge in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.

Pastor Bettaney said that his church of 70 to 80 members have been so moved by this situation that they want to get trained up to give more help to other drug and alcohol abusers.