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Demi Lovato: Cocaine and Alcohol Put Her in Rehab

Demi Lovato’s heavy drinking and cocaine use is what put her in rehab, according to an article in Huffington Post. Demi Lovato was cutting, but it was exasperated by the heavy partying of drugs and alcohol says the website. Demi Lovato’s parents overheard one of the dancers talking about Demi’s use of the cocaine and booze and confronted her. This is the reason she was put in rehab.
She was seen at an after concert party doing cocaine and drinking “like a pro,” says Texas college student, Brian Payne, who attended that party. He saw her do line after line of cocaine. She was only 17 at the time. This was a party that they attended after the Neon Indian concert at the Granada Theator in Dallas.
Payne says “I just remember she was doing the cocaine like she had been doing it for a long time.” Demi Lovato has also been jugging booze right from the bottle.
It only stands to reason that Demi Lovato’s camp would protect her from the media. Once a celebrity starts on a drug and alcohol spiral, they start to loose their hiring attraction for every entertainment venue, but especially the family type entertainment venues like what Demi Lovato does. The Jonas Brothers Tour, and her Disney Show, are both targeted at young kids.
 No one wants to take a chance that their show, concert, or movie will be ruined when one of the actors needs to leave and go to rehab, or worse yet, start screwing things up by using drugs. This can cost millions of dollars in delays and no shows. This may be one of the reasons that Demi Lovato’s real problems have been hidden. 
Another reason and maybe even more important reason is that Demi Lovato is an idol to young kids, some just barely in their teens. This is the last thing they need to see. Demi Lovato as a Disney Star would not be very marketable if she is doing lines of cocaine as reported. It not only involves her reputation by keeping this quiet, it is her career.
Disney is a family station and chances are they could not afford to have a star of one of their shows who is just out of rehab for cocaine and alcohol. Every parent group in the US would be releasing statements in the media about role models.
Disney could however have a star that is just out of rehab for emotional problems without any slack from parents and parents groups. Last year Demi Lovato played in Connecticut with the Jonas Brothers tour. They have not made it to Connecticut this year so far.