Dad speaks of drug dangers after son’s death

A GRIEVING dad has warned parents to be aware of the drugs curse facing their children.
Davie McVitie was speaking after the death of his son Douglas who he described as a “very popular boy”.
The 28-year-old, known commonly as Dougie, had recently returned to his parents’ home after successfully undergoing rehabilitation for drug problems.
He was found dead in his room in the early hours of Saturday morning – just a week before his 29th birthday.
A post mortem revealed that the death was caused by respiratory failure.
Threave Rovers manager Davie, 51, and his wife Dot, 52, of Dee Avenue, Castle Douglas, have been left devastated by the tragedy after Dougie’s battle against drugs.
Davie said: “Douglas was a fighter. He tried rehab two or three times and towards the end he was at Lahraig in Dumfries for six months and he was really getting through his problems.
“He’d been home for three or four days and we thought we were turning a corner and he thought that as well. That’s the tragedy.
“He was a very popular boy. He would do anything for anybody. Everybody liked him, he spoke to everybody in the street and he was always a happy boy.
“He was a big music lover and he was always on about the football – he’d come down to Meadow Park sometimes and when we were away from home he always phoned. He was a big Threave man and he loved Celtic.”
Dougie was a promising footballer and at one stage was selected to represent Dumfries and Galloway schools.
But in his later years he became involved in the drug scene and developed an addiction. “It shows the different world they can get into and the problems it can cause,” said Davie.
He believes the family’s terrible experience of how a much-loved son’s life was blighted by drugs should serve as a warning to other parents.
He said: “We were always supporting Douglas and he appreciated that.
“Hopefully it will be a learning curve for other people.
“It’s hard to do for parents but people have to be aware what can happen.
“They (children) try to hide things. If they’re going out and coming back in at nights, know where they’ve been and take a bit of interest.”
He added: “A lot of people don’t realise what’s actually involved and a lot of people don’t want to know. I would say to the parents to be very, very careful. There are a lot of parents in denial.”
With the support of his family Dougie had been determined to overcome his problems through rehabilitation.
Davie said: “He was getting through that, he’d been away to Watford and it didn’t work so he went to Glasgow – he’s been a trier.
“The biggest tragedy is that he’d done the business and come back. It’s difficult for myself, his mum, his brother and the whole family as he was a well liked boy.”
The funeral will be held tomorrow at Castle Douglas Parish Church at noon. All are welcome to pay their respects.