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Court: Drug Addict Jailed To Start Rehab

A 30-year-old woman was jailed after she admitted that she stole from handbags to sustain her drug habit. Rona Galea from Siggiewi stole two mobile phones and other items valued at around €765.86 from bags belonging to a couple who were at Golden Bay on Tuesday afternoon. She pleaded guilty to charges brought against her. 
Last June, Ms Galea was put on a two-year probation order after pleading guilty to stealing several gold jewellery items, which had a substantial value, from her mother’s residence. Her mother had forgiven her. After assessing the woman’s situation, the court presided by Magistrate Gabriella Vella decided that it is best that she is imprisoned so that she can get detoxified in a drug rehabilitation programme. 
Legal aide Godfrey Gauci Maistre appeared for the accused while Police Inspector Edmond Cuschieri prosecuted.