Charlie Sheen's ex 'seeks help' after reports of drug binge

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller has reportedly headed back into rehab.

According to website TMZ, the mother of the actor's two twin boys checked into a facility after a week of alleged substance abuse.

The move follows the 33-year-old's refusal to take a drug test on Friday. 

Sheen's lawyers are said to be heading to court on Tuesday to address the matter, and Mueller has checked herself in preparation for the conflict.

Her reported rehab stint comes after it was alleged that Mueller bought cocaine in a notoriously seedy area of Los Angeles last week, according to a report.

RadarOnline claim to have spoken to a source, identified only as T-Mac, who claims that he sold Mueller the drug on Thursday morning.

Mueller was not answering her mobile phone and is said to have refused to take a mandatory drugs test, which is required under the terms of her custody settlement of her twins with Sheen, reports.

Minutes before the alleged deal, Mueller had tried unsuccessfully to pawn an expensive watch at Inglewood Jewellery and Loan across the road, the celebrity website claimed.

TMZ managed to get hold of footage which appears to shows the skittish blonde desperately trying to hock the timepiece and another item for quick cash.

The spoils were rejected by the pawn shop as Mueller didn't have the correct identification on her.

But minutes later, Radar say she paid $150 for an 8-ball of crack cocaine from the neighbourhood drug dealer.

Then the dealer, who is a fixture on the gang-ridden streets of Inglewood, told how he allegedly did the deal with the troubled blonde.

He said: 'I was posted up across the street from the pawn shop and, when she got into her Benz, she asked me if I knew where she could get a bump.'

The website revealed that 'T Mac' only identified Mueller from a photograph and knew nothing about her relationship with the Two and a Half Men star.

T-Mac added that he even thought she was a police officer: 

She receives $55,000 a month in child support, so seems an unlikely candidate for a trip to a pawn shop.

Her adorable twins, Bob and Max, are currently with her parents.

But Mueller is likely to lose custody of them if she fails to show for the test.

Not showing up will register as a dirty result, and her custody arrangement already hangs in the balance.

Mueller, like Sheen, has a documented history of substance abuse.

Last Thanksgiving she was admitted to a sober living facility in Beverly Hills after partying all night at the Farmer's Daughter hotel in West Hollywood.

Her lawyer Yale Galanter said Mueller had voluntarily admitted herself to the centre to 'maintain her health.'

Both Sheen and Mueller are required to undergo mandatory random drugs tests as part of their custody settlement.

Unusually, Sheen made no comment about the alleged relapse on his Twitter as he was preoccupied with leading a Bipolar Awareness Walk over the weekend from the Ritz Carlton in Toronto, to Massey Hall, where he appeared for the second time for his tour.