Booze ban Laura back in rehab

THE WOMAN who last year became the first person to be banned from buying booze in the whole of England and Wales was back in rehab this week after eight months alcohol-free.
Laura Hall, 21, was arrested in Blake Avenue, Droitwich, on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly, breach of the peace and breaching her banning order.
She appeared at Worcester Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday (January 19). After pleading guilty, she was fined £75 with £85 costs and was ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge.
It came less than a week before the eye-opening documentary Laura Hall: My Battle With Booze was due to be screened.
Shown on BBC Three on Monday night (January 24), the hour-long programme followed her during her booze-fuelled antics in Bromsgrove, her trips to court and her 21st birthday in Ayia Napa.
Prior to those birthday celebrations, Laura, after 40 arrests, 29 convictions, being tagged and two spells behind bars, had been thrown a lifeline and a chance to turn her life around - a free 32-day detox programme in Portugal which usually costs thousands of pounds.
Laura, when she returned from Cyprus, had a decision to make and then, after a couple more nights on the booze, flew out to Portugal to begin rehab.
The programme went on to show touching pieces to camera filmed by the 21-year-old while she was in rehab for close to 50 days.
By the time she left, she looked a lot better, was a lot more confident and seemed a changed person.
The documentary concluded by detailing that, after being sober for eight months, Laura had suffered a setback and had immediately booked herself back into rehab in Portugal.
It pointed out that 33 per cent of recovering alcoholics suffered a relapse in the first year and that the clinic had stated Laura was ‘determined not to let the setback interfere with her goals’.
In February, Laura plans to start voluntary work at a centre for disabled youngsters.