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 Binge drinkers turn Watford Town Centre 'into holiday resort'

Watford town centre has been described to tens of thousands of television viewers as binge drinking hot-spot.

The town’s many bars and clubs were featured yesterday in a BBC London News report on the impact of alcohol on the National Health Service.

Featuring clips of drunken young women staggering precariously along The Parade, the programme described the area as resembling a “far flung holiday resort.”

On a more serious note, however, the report highlighted the problems the binge drinking culture has on Watford General Hospital.

Accident and Emergency Dr Sara Kladidis describes in the report how “quite often the whole department is full with people who have had too much to drink and just need to sleep it off.”

On one night last week, the reports added, every bed was occupied with alcohol related casualties.

Glenda Lee, of Turing Point, an alcohol counselling service based at the hospital, blamed Britain’s casual drinking culture and ease of alcohol availability for the problems.

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