Drug Rehab and Drug Clinic

Are you having problems finding an appropriate rehab, private drug clinic or a drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation center in the UK? Is this for yourself, your partner, family member, work colleague or friend?
  • Have you tried Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but felt it wasn’t for you?
  • Are you looking for residential help to get away from bad company and temptations?
  • Are you looking for immediate access to a drug rehab, clinic or alcohol rehabilitation clinics for a drug or drink problem?
  • Are you fed up with being passed from pillar to post trying to get someone to listen and assist you with a drug or drink problem?
  • Are you looking at private or independent drug clinic or alcohol rehabilitation clinics in the UK? Are you confused by the mass of information on alcohol detox, alcohol rehab, binge drinking, drug detox, drug rehab, etc? Look no further, Teen Challenge can help you, and offer its service.
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Drug clinic agencies

Most areas of the UK have ‘street agencies’ or projects (sometimes called community drug services or teams) which offer a range of services including information and advice, counselling, detoxification, prescribing for opiate users, needle exchanges and sometimes support groups and other services. They are usually only open during normal working hours. While they may give information and advice over the telephone, they will only see people by appointment and have waiting lists.

GPs and Accidents and Emergency (A&E) Units

The main primary health care source for people is their GP and possibly the local hospital A&E department. GPs and hospitals make more referrals to specialist drug services than any other point of contact. As well as referring patients on GPs provide general medical services, information and advice and treatment (especially substitute prescribing) often in partnership with a drug agency or DDU. Teen Challange can be a great referral source if you are looking to point people in the right direction.

Treatment for stimulant drug users

There is not much specialist care and treatment for people who experience problems with use of amphetamine, cocaine or crack cocaine. While legally permissible prescribing of amphetamine is rare and can be risky. Most agencies offer treatment through counseling, possible referral to residential rehabilitation like ourselves, and alternative (not substitute) prescribing of anti-depressants.

The increase in crack use has led to some agencies offering specialist counselling, cognitive behavior therapy, and other alternative therapies, and prescribing of anti-depressants.

Teen Challenge rehabilitation programmes are completely substance-free and residential. The programme term is 18 months. Our programme is provided at a very low-cost. For more information you will need to complete an application form.

Types of Clinics

You should bear in mind that a large number of the clinics in the UK are run by Social Services and the NHS. As a result, these clinics tend to attract the less fortunate in society. You can expect mainly adolescents and people who have been given the option of alcohol, drug detox and rehab over a prison sentence. Such places are often run more like young offender units and are unlikely to be as successful as a dedicated detox and rehab private clinic where everyone is paying for their treatment and really wants to get well.

It is also very difficult to find out what you will be charged for treatment or what the minimum length of the treatment programme is. A seemingly low-cost clinic charging under £1,000 per week but setting a minimum stay of 12 or 24 weeks clearly works out far more expensive than a clinic charging £1,500 per week that will get you into recovery in 3 to 6 weeks. Bear in mind some clinics can charge up to £8,000 per week. Please see our costs.

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