Applying to Teen Challenge London Rehab For Help

The time it takes to get onto our rehabilitation programme can vary according to a number of different factors. To apply to our Drug Rehab, please follow the process below. Applicants must fill out the application form themselves. Eligibility requirements are: a life-controlling drug or alcohol problem, a sincere desire for help from addictions, and a commitment to the 18-month programme. To find out the cost of our programme please see our low cost drug rehabilitation page.

Rehab Application Process

Below is a chart detailing the application process. After the initial application is made we will contact you with 24 hours to arrange an interview with the applicant. This interview will take place within 3 working days. If this cannot be done at our centre then we will arrange for an interview at another centre which may be closer. Following the interview we must check with the applicant’s GP to confirm that there are no health risks. After this the person is placed on the waiting list and they are asked to ring in every Monday to confirm that they still desire a place on the programme.

Applications can be completed online and sent by email. 

Alternatively they can be sent by fax on: 020 8478 6162.

Or by post: Teen Challenge London, Wilkerson House, Uphall Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2JJ.

Forms & Documents

Please find the relevant application forms and leaflets below. Many questions can be answered by reading the leaflet entitled, ‘How do I get in?’ Also, the Programme Timetable provides a detailed look at the daily structure of Teen Challenge London. When you complete the online application form someone will contact you within 24 hours to arrange an interview. The interview will take place within 3 working days. Click the button below to start the online application form.

How can I get help?

Rehab Programme Schedule

Please note: Our centre is for men. If you would like to apply to Hope House which is our rehab for women please download this application form.