Putting hope within reach of every addict

Thousands of men and women around the world have been helped by the Teen Challenge rehabilitation programmes.
We help youth, adults and families become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Rehab Programmes

Although the word ‘Teen’ is in our name, we are seeing amazing success with addicts aged 18-50 helping them find freedom through our UK Drug Free Rehab Centres.


Street Outreach

We run a weekly street bus outreach project on London’s streets giving out over 300 hot meals each week in Whitechapel, Ealing, Hackney, Brixton, Stratford and Waterloo. We put people in touch with churches in their local community that care and want to help.


Gang work

Exit Foundation is an organisation that deals exclusively with young people caught up in street life, gang life or young people possibly heading in that direction. We offer help in every area required to exit a life of thinking that there is no future except on the streets.

‘The drug treatment success rate at Teen Challenge is very high especially in comparison to secular rehabs. It is known that up to 86% of TC residents who complete the 12 month programme will be clean 5 years later.’
Teen Challenge London is now an approved City & Guilds Training Centre. Click here to find out more.

Transforming lives

Read true-life accounts of people who have been helped by the Teen Challenge drug rehab.

Drug-free rehab UK residential centre

Welcome to the Teen Challenge London rehab which is part of the UK and Global Teen Challenge Ministries; one of the most successful outreach and drug rehabilitation programmes in the world. We operate in more than 80 countries around the world; helping people experience the true freedom that is found through faith in God and His Son, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. In the UK there are several residential centres with alcohol rehab services available for both men and women, including our Teen Challenge London centre.

Apply below or call us on 020 8553 3338 for more information about the Teen Challenge London drug rehab. Your call is completely confidential. We believe that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, can be helped.

 Successful drug treatment which works

We believe in miracles and that success is based on man finding God’s way out of the slavery and hopelessness that addictions bring. We are not ashamed of this message although to some it may seem too simplistic and foolish, yet for former drug addicts, prostitutes, alcoholics and gang members that have been helped it is true drug treatment, both life-saving and life-changing! Our team here in London are committed to sharing that very same message that can help save all who respond.  We offer places on our 18-month rehabilitation programme either here in London or at one of the other Teen Challenge centres around the UK. Our successful drug-free residential programme service is provided at a very low-cost, however we do depend on donations.